Glycomix Glycoscience Products

Glycomics & Glycobiology Products

Glycomix provide in depth consultancy on a range of products and strategies for any glycoscience related research projects.

We deliver high quality work and prudent advice in the following sectors / industries:

Food Industry

Pharmacutical and Biotech Industries

Glycomix has its own well equipped chemistry laboratories for both analytical and synthetic organic chemistry.

Carbohydrate Sourcing Service

Acumentia Ltd

Chris was a founding member of Acumentia, an association of some 40 highly qualified scientific and technical consultants.

The organisation has particular experience in the global food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and other related areas.

The expertise areas that Acumentia members provide to clients are:

Business development & optimisation
Business start ups & company mentoring
Change and risk management
Clinical research
Clinical trials
Corporate social responsibility
Environmental management
Managing intellectual property
Manufacturing & supply chain development
Manufacturing technology & operations
Marketing & strategy development
Market research
Product development
Project management
Publicity and PR
Quality control & management
Regulatory affairs
Safety & risk assessment

Strategies and problem solving for Research activities in:

Organic & Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Food Science & Food Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry