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Glycomix Ltd. provides essential research and development expertise and laboratory services in glycopolymers for health food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Glycomix provides a range of products and services which help our clients add valuable functionality to carbohydrate polymers and related processes.

We work with clients to develop dietary supplements and medicines, and modify foodstuffs for particular textures or consistencies. This is a sector poorly served by existing technology, and we play a vital R&D and product development role for our clients.

Our experienced and accomplished scientific experts ensure that all aspects of Glycomix’s products and services offer the highest levels of innovation and quality as consultants in this growing commercial area.

Glycomix Ltd. was formed in 2007 by Dr Chris Lawson following the successful sale of Dextra Laboratories, now a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Pharmaceuticals.

As a leading business in the field of functional carbohydrate polymers, Glycomix delivers world-class scientific and laboratory expertise through its experienced staff and team of associate scientists.

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